Before registration day: As ye sit 'round the buccan fires with your crew-mates, you might toss some puzzle ideas about. If ye have a crew of six, consider how to handle the four-person crew limit; ye might need to find two new mates and field two crews, or maroon yer "extras" on a desert isle. Also, keep an eye on the site for hidden treasures that may prove useful.

2007-02-03: Enlistment Opens Check back to this web site for enlistment instructions. When you enlist, we do not need to know your puzzle idea (if any) yet. If you would prefer to play just on Saturday, please contact us ahead of time and we'll give you details.

2007-02-16: Puzzle Ideas Due If you hope to submit a puzzle, today your prototype is due at 11:59 PM. You can e-mail ideas to If you've gone so far as to make a physical puzzle not fit for electronic delivery, please contact us a day or two ahead of time and we'll set up some sort of delivery arrangement.

2007-02-20: We Announce Crews List After a rum-soaked puzzle-idea analysis parliament, we will announce which crews' puzzle ideas we accept. If more than 30 crews applied for this voyage, we will announce which are in and which are on the waiting list. If fewer than 30 crews have enlisted, registraion will remain open on a first come first served basis. If you're in, send in your crew payment, waivers, and whatever other freebooterly paperwork we ask of you. Meanwhile, you should obsessively check this web site for pre-game treasures.

2007-03-16: "Alpha" Puzzles Due If your crew is submitting a puzzle, today an "Alpha" prototype is due at our headquarters. Be ready for some heated and bewildered feedback from us.

2007-04-13: "Beta" Puzzles Due If your crew is submitting a puzzle, today a "Beta" prototype is due at our headquarters. Be prepared for some tetchy but oddly pleased feedback from us a few days later.

2007-04-26: "Gamma" Puzzles Due If your crew is submitting a puzzle, today a "Gamma" prototype is due at our headquarters. (This is for the play-test) We will need four copies of your puzzle. Be prepared for some maniacal and desperate feedback from us a few weeks later.

2007-05-09: "Gamma" Puzzle Feedback By now, we have given you feedback on the "Gamma" version of your prototype. Time for final tweaks to your design, if any. Any last minute tweaks need to be submitted to us ASAP. Depending on the complexity and cost of your puzzle, we may be asking you to help us start building 35 copies over the next few weeks.

2007-05-27: Last Day to Register After this day, registration is closed. (If all 30 crew slots fill up before this day, registration will close earlier.)

2007-06-09: Voyage Begins Crews gather in the morning. Chaos ensues. crews playing Saturday-only quit tonight.

2007-06-10: Voyage Ends Crews re-group in the evening. Chaos may have calmed down a bit by this point. Winners are determined.

2012-06-10: Results Posted On-line Maybe now your landlubber friends will believe you.

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