Registration now be closed, but ye can still enjoy me puzzles if ye like. Buried on me beach are the treasures of 8 historical pirates- mayhaps ye have even already found a few. The treasures themselves are worthless- what's important is the names of the pirates who once owned them. No nicknames- the actual names that these scoundrels were known by. Put them in the right order, and they will reveal a password worthy of Captain Bloodbath.

Enter the password below, and prove yerself a true pirate.

For those who may not be entirely skilled in the ways of a pirate, here be a few hints.

HINT 1 - Click here for hint 1.
HINT 2 - Click here for hint 2.
HINT 3 - Click here for hint 3.
HINT 4 - Click here for hint 4.
HINT 5 - Click here for hint 5.
HINT 6 - Click here for hint 6.
HINT 7 - Click here for hint 7.
HINT 8 - Click here for hint 8.


Skulls and Bones Bat 'n' Ears Buccanerds
Blood Pirates SS Pancake Wagon The Longbeards
Squawkin' Eds Get on a Burning Raft Pirates 'R Us
Aye, Oh No! Salmagundi The Plankwalker's Mistress
Briny Deep Avast, ye Scurvy Golems!  
XX-PiRated Wenches and Mateys with Astrolabes  
donkey in a pirate hat Möbius BrigANDs  
sloth in a pirate hat Blood Bath, and BEYOND  
Bonny Wenches Golden Booty  
Jolly Rogers A Wooden Leg Named Smith  

Olde News

Let us review how the enlistment process works. If fewer than 30 crew want to sail, then all registered crews can weigh anchor. If we have more than 30 interested crews, we'll have to divide you into groups:

Based on our knowledge of how lazy a bunch pirates are, we expect that most crews that want to get in will get in, even if they don't send in puzzle ideas. But you never know, and the sea is a harsh mistress. Even if the available slots don't all fill up, be sure to register by May 27--after that date, we won't accept more crews.

Worried that your crew will mutiny if faced with two days of puzzles? If there is enough room in the race, we will allow some crews to skip the second day, and play on Saturday only. Contact us for details if your crew might be interested in exploring this option.

Busy on game weekend, but free on Cinco de Mayo (5/5) weekend? You can sign up to play-test! When registering, if you want to play-test instead of playing the regular game, let us know. We're looking for one or two teams each in the newbie, intermediate, and experienced skill levels.