A race for fame and fortune! 30 crews (max. 4 pirates per crews) sailing June 9-10, 2007 from 07:30 Saturday to 20:00 Sunday. (Saturday-only option.) Starting and ending within 10 leagues of San Francisco. $400 per crew.

For those with more of an inclination towards windbaggery:

A race for fame and fortune!

O' course you grog-swilling scoundrels already knew that much. The winners of fame be the crew that solves all the puzzles the fastest. Or, if there be an armada of morons signing up for the race, then whichever crew manages to muddle through the most puzzles will win. As for fortune, well, good luck to ye.

To spice things up, we'll give some of ye' an advantage even before the race begins. We're allowing crews the opportunity to come up with one of the challenges in the race. Any interested crews can submit an idea. If we like it well enough, then we'll be putting it in the race. If ye are lucky enough to have your own challenge in the race, then you'll be a leg up on the competition. If the sound of that puts the wind in your sails, you had best be studying our Signaling page.

30 crews (max. 4 pirates per crew).

It's a salty dog eat salty dog world out there! If more than 30 crews want to follow the siren song of glory, then we'll have to pick and choose among you. Read the Enlistment page for details.

As for crew size--we cannot accept crews bigger than four. This is in part due to the fact that several of our ports and shipping lanes are best suited 4 crew sloops. If ye need to commandeer a seven-passenger brig, that's your own pirating business, but don't plan on sailing a 15-passenger galleon.

Sailing June 9-10 2007, from 08:00 Saturday, to 20:00 Sunday. (Saturday-only option.)

Aye, it's an epic challenge. We'll be breaking up the journey by taking a rest in the evening for a few hours, even though none of you dogs deserve it. You'll see us all dancing a jig with Davy Jones before we tell you where this break is or how long you'll get, but we do strongly recommend that you all bring tents and sleeping bags along in your ships. (Yes, seriously.) We also are offering a Saturday-only option for crews that can't endure the entire weekend. If this shortened adventure may be of interest to your crew, contact us for details.

If you want to get technical, the competition has already begun. There's not enough room in the event for every crew to make a puzzle. That means those crews that want to get a leg up on the other boats (or not fall behind) are in a tussle to make us like your puzzles the best.

Your crew can let us know you want to sail starting February 3, 2007. Check the almanac for other important dates.

Startin' and finishin' somewhere within 10 leagues of San Francisco.

We could get more specific, but that would spoil our fun!

$400 per crew

A pirate's life is a hard life indeed. If your crew is interested in the one-day option, a reduced rate is available. Contact us for details.

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