Pirates BATH will be made up of devious and clever puzzles created mostly by the crews that are sailing in the race (though you can expect some twists from Bloodbath himself). Crews that submit a clue that is used in the race get an obvious advantage- they have one less challenge to overcome (plus they are bestowed with the enviable title of Mate).

If we accept your idea, you and your crew are making a commitment to developing your puzzle. This involves submitting several more versions of your puzzles for playtesting and feedback, according to the schedule in the almanac. Depending on the complexity and cost of your puzzle, we may also need to rely on you and your crew for help in making enough copies of it for the actual race.

If your crew is up for the challenge and looking for that race day advantage, then the first step is to come up with an idea for your puzzle. There is a slight twist though- despite what you may be accustomed to, you will not choose your own solution. If your puzzle idea is accepted, you will be given an English word, chosen by Bloodbath, to encode. This word will not indicate any specific location, but will simply be a single word between 9 and 13 letters long.

This means that your initial puzzle idea needs to be flexible, though we can work with you up to a point. If your idea has restrictions, e.g., "Our idea is great, but, the solution needs to be 9 letters long and contain no 'Z' ", we'll do our best to accommodate.

Things we like in puzzle ideas:

Things we don't like in puzzles:

If this puts a gleam in your crew's eyes, you can e-mail your rough idea to bloodbath@piratesbath.com any time before 11:59 PM on February 16th. If you are truly ambitious and want to make a physical prototype not fit for e-mail, then contact us well in advance of the deadline to arrange a suitable delivery method. Remember, you don't need to submit a puzzle idea to enlist--even if you plan to submit one eventually. Enlist first! You don't need to submit a puzzle idea at all, but we hope you do!

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